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The VCRAI was formed in late 2008 by a group of members from various clubs around the country. Target shooting with vintage or classic firearms harks back to a time when using the service rifles of the day in competition shooting was commonplace. At the turn of the last century, Ireland fielded one of finest international long-range rifle shooting teams in the world. One target shooter in particular was J.K Milliner, winner of Olympic Gold Medal at Bisley England in the 1908 games. His natural ability at distant target shooting, up to and including 1000 yards, was legendary.

Service rifle target shooting at shorter ranges is still as popular today as it was back in the 1860's. Rifles such as the Lee-Enfield in all its guises and many variations of the German Mauser to name but just two suitable firearms, can be purchased, licensed and taken to the range for a fraction of what it costs to buy a modern bolt-action rifle by comparison. The VCRAI has a strong contingent of former servicemen, many of whom are ex-members of the Irish Defence Forces. It is not unusual for these veterans to renew the acquaintanceship of old comrades-in-arms, who have also joined the VCRAI. In fact, finding their original issued bolt-action service rifle has been a goal for many, clearly demonstrating a sense of nostalgia and the strong attachment these men have had to their old service rifles.
Actively going to the trouble of tracking down, buying and licensing these old Lee Enfields speaks volumes in itself. The military history of these old service rifles casts its spell on anyone shooting one of these old-timers. Days are filled with competitive fun and banter as it was way back then - one of the many reasons why the VCRAI was formed in the first place.

Our aim is to promote & develop the sport of Vintage & Classic target rifle shooting in the Republic of Ireland, and to foster associations with like-minded shooters in other countries to the benefit of all of who love old guns. We therefore welcome members from all clubs. The VCRAI regularly holds competitions both in Ireland and abroad, including recent trips to the world famous NRA UK Bisley range. Range days are held throughout the year. One of the appealing elements of this type of target shooting is the simplicity of equipment needed. Just one person and one vintage or classic rifle.

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