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(EU)Target shooting in France 
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Post (EU)Target shooting in France
France is another recent EU member state to implement the European legislation for a more coherent and simplified approach common to all member countries.

Classified in 4 categories.
* Category A: proscribed weapons and equipment.
* Category B: weapons and equipment subject to authorization.
* Category C: weapons and equipment subject to declaration.
* Category D: weapons and equipment prescription.

Note: Class D ( swords, knives high- powered airguns, de-activated firearms, etc)
( D-2 ) Antique Firearms, pre 1900 (January 1st, 1900) with some exemptions to include 20th century replica / Black Powder firearms.
Requirement to possess - notification - Free, no charge.

Note: "Modern Pistols & Revolvers" (must have a magazine or cylinder with a capacity of less than 21) EU simplified definition of firearms, normally 10+ 1 ( counting +1 in chamber totaling 11)
An exemption granted for TSV (IPSC) retaining pistols with a magazine capacity of 21
Note: Category C firearms. 'RFDs usually assist the customer filling-out and sending in the post for them, firearm details to the relevant authorities.

Army Discount Shop (France)
Since 1979 serving shooters and collectors. Specializing in old and modern military weapons armory.

*Select language option

For sale:
- Armes de poing (Handguns)
- Armes longues Catégorie B (Long guns Category B)
- Armes longues Catégorie C (Long Guns Category C)
- Fusils de précision (Precision Rifles)
- Armes de Catégorie D (Arms of Category D)

Swiss K31 - Categorie C
Subjected to FFT Target Shooting license or French for life hunting license.
For sale: Mint, Selected, Cheap
Gauged from 7.51 to 7.55.

The famous GP11 (Gewehr Atrone Model P 11) cartridge "Match" for Swiss marksmanship usable in the STG 57 as in the K11 and K31.
Bullet weight 175 gr. The ball cupronickel, more malleable than copper, allowing a perfect seal in the chamber, allows a minimum barrel wear.
Case 480 cartridges.
Price 275 euro

SIG STG (Sturmgewehr 57)

Categorie B
Subject to official authorization of the acquisition and possession (target shooting)
850 euro

18 Jul 2014 13:33

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Post Re: (EU)Target shooting in France
GP11 - Gewehr Patrone [of 1911]. Rifle Cartridge.

The rest of it all makes good sense to me.

I wish that the UK would take it up.


18 Jul 2014 19:42
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Post Re: (EU)Target shooting in France
Norway also changed their 2009 firearm laws after the events of 2011, deciding on implementing the full EU 4 categories form of licensing, followed by the French last year, who seem to be adhering well to the spirit of EU style firearm regulations. Going by all recent accounts, French shooting enthusiasts went along with the new simplified system without many complaining, otherwise the national tendency for strikes would have seen up to and including, one million disgruntled sports enthusiasts on the streets of Paris.

The new licensing code applied for Cat. B type firearms for example, allow for a maximum of 12 firearms. Following talks with the French Justice ministry, certain necessary concessions which have been an ongoing concern for the shooting community, seen a number of refinements made to the new simpler classification of firearms, i.e., 1000 rounds of ammunition allowance granted for Cat. B target sports shooters with the license renewal period extended from 3 to 5 years. Reloading ammunition goes without saying, remains the same, nothing untoward with the practice to attract above and beyond conditions requirements. Thousands of European firearm holders engage in the activity of loading their own ammunition, at the range on the shooting bench, in the home / shed and more of a common sight in the field, during re-enactment events of commemorations for past wars fought across the battle fields of Europe.
Nouvelle Legislation.jpg
Nouvelle Legislation.jpg [ 256.16 KiB | Viewed 9734 times ]

New applications for Cat. B firearms (except for those on the old still valid 8th categories ending in September) must first have a current club membership for the past 12 months, held with one of the many target shooting clubs in France. The club is then obliged to support an application thereafter with the new member attending at least 3 times each year. This is very much in-line with the same type of procedures found in Canada, where most target shooting enthusiasts opt for taking the one day low costing firearms exam, allowing them all kinds of 'restricted' firearms on their Canadian PAL restricted firearms license. Ireland has similarly, Restricted & Non Restricted class 2, categories licensing, but applicants meets with some extra county by district situations not often found anywhere. A police officer holding the rank none other than Chief Superintendent, very often possessing only a little firearms knowledge, must be convinced of the need for them to offer support for an application to license any restricted firearms / Cat. B
The requirement allow the Chief Superintendents decide, whether in their opinion a restricted firearm application or possibly someone looking to renewal a restricted firearm, that was previously licensed, was necessary to renew at all in their opinion, and may recommend the applicant consider applying for another non-restricted firearm as an option instead.
Note: EU Cat. D Antique and/or replica BP firearms of various larger 'calibers' usually over .308"- along with certain Historical & Vintage caliber, bolt-action rifles, were brought into the restricted category of firearm licensing here in Ireland after 2009. This is a similar classification to what are generally considered EU categories B firearms- what are for the rest of the EU, classified under Cat. C and D firearms, the reserve of double barreled shotguns, bolt action rifles and (D) antiques BP Arms, airguns, crossbows, swords and neutered firearms.

21 Jul 2014 15:22
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Post Re: (EU)Target shooting in France
The British Shooting Sports Council is an umbrella organisation representing the major shooting associations in the United Kingdom.
It acts as a conduit between the Home Office and other Government Departments, the Association of Chief Police Officers, the British Standards Institute, the Health and Safety Executive, etc. for the exchange of views and information across the spectrum of sporting shooting. It is now seen as a primary consultee on any issue concerning the sport.

The French Fédération Française de Tir (FFTir) national representative for the federation of target sports and official organiser for them.









01 Dec 2014 15:36
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Post Re: (EU)Target shooting in France
is it time to get out the Berlitz DVDs and books. Moving to the continent is looking more attractive. :)

09 Dec 2014 23:50
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Post Re: (EU)Target shooting in France
Moving to the continent is looking more attractive.

A decision pending while holding your breath?

“You can find Kalashnikovs for sale near the train station in Brussels,” acknowledged a Brussels-based European Union official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the record. “They’re available even to very average criminals.”

In the case of the Paris attackers, they were able to obtain an entire arsenal: AK-47 assault rifles, pistols, a Skorpion submachine gun and even a rocket-propelled-grenade launcher. All of it was purchased in Brussels for about $5,000, according to Belgian media reports.

The availability of such weapons in the heart of Western Europe isn’t new. The flood of high-powered weaponry began with the dissolution of the Soviet Union and continued through the 1990s as war raged across the Balkans. Many of the weapons from those periods are still circulating. They have lately been supplemented by an influx from the turmoil in North Africa, with weapons smuggled on ships across the Mediterranean.

The guns have been used primarily by criminal gangs that turn them on one another during periodic turf wars.

But beginning with attacks in the French city of Toulouse in 2012 that left seven people dead, guns have also become the weapon of choice for Islamist terrorists in Europe.

That’s a shift from the last decade, when bombs were used in mass-casualty attacks on transit systems in London and Madrid.

The new tactics may reflect the lone-wolf nature of the recent assailants, who seem to have operated with relative autonomy and not as part of centrally directed terrorist plots.


Category A: forbidden weapons, which includes fully automatic weapons and semi-automatic when considered to be a military weapon.
Category B: weapons that require special permission. This category includes semi-automatic long weapons and shotguns. Permission is granted if the Austrian citizen is at least 21 and has a valid reason for possessing the firearm. Self-defense, sport shooting and hunting are considered valid reasons.
Category C: weapons that require registration. This category contains certain rifles and break action guns. Any Austrian citizen 18 and over can obtain this type of gun (with a background check). They have to register it within 6 weeks after buying.
Category D: weapons that don't need registration, permission or background check. This category includes non-repeating shotguns.

The Czech Republic divides their firearms in the following categories:

Category A (prohibited weapons): military type weapons, with the exception of rifles, pistols and revolvers that are certified for civilian use; armor piercing ammunition; night vision scopes; silencers
Category B (firearms subject to authorization): semi-automatic weapons; single or multiple shot handguns; semi-automatic rifles and shotguns with magazine capacity over 3 rounds; semi-automatic military style rifles, rim-fire firearms under 280 mm length; shotguns under 600 mm length
Category C (firearms subject to declaration): single shot rifles, shotguns and semi-automatic rifles not included in Category B; air rifles with muzzle energy over 16 J and black powder repeating firearms
Category D (other weapons): air guns with muzzle energy up to 16 J; mechanical guns; airsoft guns, vintage firearms

Denmark has a small population of 5.6 million.

If you want to shoot pistols you have to join a pistol club and shoot with club weapons for two years before you can apply for permission to buy your own. Though you may buy one through the club beforehand, and store it at the club if the club foreman agrees. Until this year there was a restriction on calibres over 9mm (except for black powder weapons), but this has now been relaxed slightly permitting .40S&W, .45 ACP, .45LC, and .44 Special.
If you want to reload you will need to take a (one day) course.

14 Sep 2015 13:23
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Post Re: (EU)Target shooting in France
Berlitz French?

2015 Les armes réglementaires au régional TAR Pistolet et Fusil -Chinon

Le championnat de France Armes Anciennes 22 au 26 Mai 2013 - HD;

Chalenge CSR Vaudoy en Brie du 13/10/2012

Silhouettes métalliques

Tir Longue distanse 600 mètres

Championnat de France des Clubs Ecoles de Tir

14 Sep 2015 13:26
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Post Re: (EU)Target shooting in France
reloading on the 50, 100 and 200m firing lines.jpg
reloading on the 50, 100 and 200m firing lines.jpg [ 111.82 KiB | Viewed 9147 times ]

The requirement to reload ammunition outside Ireland is obvious and for all disciplines to include the precision shooting hunter and target shooter loading at home or at the range.
The example above is just behind the firing line (NO Special ROOM) on a French International Benchrest 200 meter, semi-covered range.

18 Sep 2015 12:03
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Post Re: (EU)Target shooting in France
Rifles Safety (EU)  rifles cased behind the firing point.jpg
Rifles Safety (EU) rifles cased behind the firing point.jpg [ 113.98 KiB | Viewed 9145 times ]

Rifle cases placed behind the firing line, the rifle rack is an unnecessary procedure in this usual well supervised competition and club involvement.
A simple side wall panel offers protection against spent cartridges of any weight & size being ejected in the direction of the right of port competitor :D

18 Sep 2015 12:18

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Post Re: (EU)Target shooting in France
kryten wrote:
is it time to get out the Berlitz DVDs and books. Moving to the continent is looking more attractive. :)

I'm thinkin' maybe I'd try over there the anschutz 1416 MSP E unlimited or a thompson contender 22 silhouette shooting the creedmoor position

20 Sep 2015 14:46
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Post Re: (EU)Target shooting in France
Recieved an email request for a copy of the French and Italian firearms act....relating to a posting of banned military calibres in these countries?
Wrong, both countries never banned civilians from licensing militay calibres. Only in Ireland would you expect such a concept, post 2009 - de facto ban things - buggering it for classic and vintage calibres turning them into restricted firearms. The act was supposed to streamline licensing... or a useful means of restricting handgun calibres usually above .308'?
A small amount of pen movement to adjust for a progressive update - i.e. calibres above .308'/7.62mm placed on a exempt list of an ever-expanding single page of 'cartridges' that are non-restriced (no Chief Superintendent's judgment & time required) ...FCP

With a few exceptions Italy has only 'one prohibited' caliber, "expressly the 9mm Parabellum on pistols (but it is permitted on rifles), probably remaining available to license by the minister - for special clients....etc
On the other hand, standard military calibers such as 5.56×45mm NATO and 7.62×51mm NATO are available in civilian loads and with civilian bullets.
Semi-automatic firearms can be bought by licensees without additional restrictions.
Italy has a "gun ownership rate of around 12% with an estimated 7 million registered firearms"
From Wikipedia

Copy of the French and firearms act! - Warning - be prepared for many pages of boring changes to the old 8th categories firearms act.
Ireland's firearms laws failed to classify correctly under Schengen standards - pre-1900 classification (Cat.4/D-2) antique firearms and category (C) rifles over .308”/7.62, placed in the most stringent form of firearms control (restricted) directly opposing the Spirit of EU - Cat.4 licensing (A B C D)

A growing number of EU states fully impleminted the simplified method of firearms control across the EU.

Note that the calibre of a rifle does not figure into the determination of the Schengen Standards under EU (Cat.4 ABCD) - only in Ireland

EU Members states have no authority to prevent residents from possessing a firearm that was acquired in another EU Member State unless such a firearm is  banned within their territory.

To implement the European and meet Schengen standards, French legislation abandon the old 8 (complex) categorisation for a more coherent and simplified, common to all member countries in the Schengen area. 


Decree No. 2013-700 of 30 July 2013 implementing Law No. 2012-304 of 6 March 2012 on the establishment of modern, simplified and preventive weapons control
Masquer le panneau de navigation Hide navigation panel ... eLien%3Did

Simplified Translated Extracts
* Category A: proscribed weapons and equipment.
* Category B: weapons and equipment subject to authorization.
* Category C: weapons and equipment subject to declaration.
* Category D: weapons and equipment prescription.

English translation of any relevant extracts from the French Firearms S.I - 2013

French Weapons would be classified in 4 categories.
Note: Unless both metric and imperial dimensions of a spefic cartridge are listed - see Category B - only four (4) Cat B, rifle cartridges, while the civilian variant of the cartridge remain in lesser French French- EU Cat - C or D

In reverse order EU Cat, D to B

Cat. D ( smooth bore D/Dshotguns)

• Weapons "free" to the acquisition and possession (for adults):

- Swords, Antique firearms, deactivated firearms, air guns lower power 20 joules

• The reference date is January 1, 1900 (with exceptions)

- The main exceptions of handguns are Colt 1873 (post number 192000 series)
-Mauser 1896
-Mle 1892
- Nagant 1895 ... which are CatB.

- The main exceptions are the gun Mauser 1898 the Berthier, Winchester 1873 and who are following ... C.

- Subsequent weapons January 1, 1900 who were already classified 8th for their rarity remain in D-2 (eg Luger rifle ...)

- The knives of any kind are D-2

- Air guns of less than 20 joules power are D-2

• Ammunition Class C-6 are:
6 handgun ammunition which are also long gun ammunition (Shoulder):

- 25-20 Winchester (R 34 × 6.35)

- 32-20 Winchester (Winchester 8 × 33) or 32-20-115

- Remington 38-40 (10.1 × 33 Winchester)

- 44-40 Winchester or 44-40-200

- 44 Remington Magnum

- Colt 45 or 45 Long Colt.


French/EU Cat C / (Irish non-restricted)- formerly "war" calibres - eight listed

• Ammunition Class EU C-7 ° are:
8 arms ammunition formerly "war" calibres:

- 7.5 × 54 MAS

- 7.5 × 55 Swiss

- 30 M1 (7.62 × 33)

- 7.62 × 51 (7.62 × 51 NATO) or 308 or 308 Winchester NATO

- 7.92 × 57 Mauser or 7.92 × 57 or 8 × 57 JS J or 8 × 57 or 8 mm JS Mauser

- 7.62 × 7.62 × 54 or R 54 R Mosin Nagant

- 7.62 × 63 or 30.06 Springfield

- 303 British or 7.7 × 56.

• Ammunition Class C-8 ° are:
All other weapons ammunition rifled, center fire or annular. They are not subject to any quota! - Note to include .223, 308, 338...etc)

• Ammunition Class D-1 are:
All ammunition smooth-bore weapons to shot or bullet

• Ammunition Class D-2 are: All previous ammunition charged with 1900 Arms Black Powder


Restriced in Ireland / Category (B) Europe (NOTE: there are just (4) restricted Rifle calibres / Cat B (1) 5,56 × 45 Nato, (2) 5.45 × 39 Russian, (3) 12.7 × 99 and (4) 14.5 × 114
All handgun ammunition - except for listed exemptions .22LR etc and a number of classic Lever Action cartridges - are in Cat.B - (restricted)

The weapons subject to authorization for acquisition and detention, which fall under category B, are the following:
(1) Handguns and weapons converted into handguns not included in other categories;
2 ° Shoulder guns:
(A) Semi-automatic repetition, of which the projectile has a diameter of less than 20 mm, a capacity greater than 3 shots or equipped with a removable supply system and not exceeding 31 shots without replenishment ;
(B) Manual repetition, of which the projectile has a diameter of less than 20 mm, with a capacity exceeding 11 shots and not exceeding 31 shots without replenishment;
(C) A striped gun whose minimum total length is less than or equal to 80 centimeters or whose barrel length is less than or equal to 45 centimeters;
(D) A repetitive smooth or semi-automatic barrel with a minimum total length not exceeding 80 centimeters or a barrel length not exceeding 60 cm;
(E) Having the appearance of an automatic weapon of war;
(F) Smooth-barreled repeaters fitted with a pump-filling device;
(3) Firearms manufactured to fire a bullet or several non-metallic projectiles and ammunition classified in this category by joint order of the Ministers of Defense, Interior and Ministers responsible for Customs and Industry;

(4) Weapons of the following calibres, irrespective of their type or system of operation and their ammunition, except those classified in category A:
(A) Caliber 7.62 × 39;
(B) Caliber 5,56 × 45;
(C) Size 5.45 × 39 Russian;
(D) Caliber 12.7 × 99;
(E) Caliber 14.5 × 114;
5 ° Elements of weapons classified in 1 °, 2 °, 3 ° and 4 ° of this category;
(6) Electric pulse weapons for causing remote electric shock and their ammunition;
(7) Electric contact pulse weapons capable of provoking a touching electric shock, except those classified in another category defined by joint order of the Ministers of Defense, the Interior and the Ministers in charge of Customs and Industry ;
(8) Generators of incapacitating or tear aerosols, except those classified in another category by joint order of the ministers of defense, the interior and the ministers in charge of customs and industry;
(9) A weapon or type of weapon with equivalent technical characteristics which, for reasons of danger, public order or security or national defense, are classified in this category by a joint decree of the Ministers for Defense, The interior and the ministers responsible for customs and industry;
10 ° Central percussion ammunition and their parts designed for handguns mentioned in 1 ° with the exception of those classified in category C by a joint decree of the ministers of defense, the interior and the ministers responsible for customs and Of the industry

30 Nov 2016 13:32

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Post Re: (EU)Target shooting in France
"The real issue lies in cracking down on illegal gun trafficking not gun laws for private owners" ... t-firearms

14 Jan 2017 17:54
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Post Re: (EU)Target shooting in France
Ammunition ... es-de-tir/

GGG caisse de 640 cartouches FMJ 147 gr cal.308 Win (7,62x51)
Référence : 6933
47 avis client
600 Rounds / 477.00 €

Reloading. Essential component of the EU Firearms Trade / Ranges / Sport Shooters.... with the one exception to the rule, Ireland.

Bullets. ... es-SIERRA/

Powder ... IHTAVUORI/

EU Cat.B Firearms ... tegorie-B/ ... tegorie-B/

01 Sep 2018 10:11

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Post Re: (EU)Target shooting in France

wasn't banned over there

07 Nov 2018 17:03
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Post Re: (EU)Target shooting in France
True, has the time come to consider a worst-case scenario!
To the wider extent of having to import future shooting supplies on board Celine, queen of the cargo ships. Aka, brexit buster super ferry commissioned last year connecting Dublin - Zeebrugge route. Further price increases from WTO terms are likely to sink the remains of sport shooting in Ireland. For an example, Henry Krank range of products may become even more expensive than a similar brand alternatives, costing considerably less, when group-imported by RFDs directly from continental europe... ... v-rmcuqbws

Making Application
Form to be submitted to Department at least 1 month before date of importation.
Form to be completed in Block or Type apart from signature.
Supporting documentation must be legible.
Completed application to be forwarded to :

Firearms, Explosives and Private Security Division,
Department of Justice and Equality
94 St Stephen’s Green. Dublin 2 D02 FD70
PH: 00 353 1 6028357


BGM Distributors (firearms, ammunition, powders and primers)

15 route de Meaux RN3 77410, Claye-Souilly-France
Suburbs of Paris ... Da63FFSoN0

Vihtavuori Smokeless Powder (made in the EU) ... paule.html

Projectiles ... lapua.html

21 Mar 2019 13:35
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