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Acquisition and Possession Of Weapons And Ammunition 2019 
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Post Acquisition and Possession Of Weapons And Ammunition 2019
DIRECTIVE (EU) on control of the acquisition and possession of weapons
May 2017
EU amending Council Directive 91/477/EEC

Read with care the EU directive BEFORE it was transposed into Irish firearms law.....! Due to the fact Ireland delayed introducing the regulation, before they were forced to.... it became law, without much fuss or debate with the result, very few license holders and RFDs are aware of the regulation changes.

Firearms and ammunition should be stored in a secure manner when not immediately supervised. If stored otherwise than in a safe, firearms and ammunition should be stored separately from each other. When the firearm and ammunition are to be handed over to a carrier for transport, that carrier should be responsible for proper supervision and storage. Criteria for proper storage and for safe transportation should be defined by national law, taking into account the number and category of the firearms and ammunition concerned.

In short the EU directive appears to mean, if firearms and ammunition are not stored in a safe ( and/or together in the one safe) they should be stored "separately from each other".
Many experts would argue storing firearm components and ammunition in hidden places, perhaps is the safest option, as has been the law, than the one location....
Transporting of personal ammunition always depended on common sense required ammunition kept out of view. Irish law now insist on some sort of locked box when traveling in a lockable vehicle.

S.I. No. 420/2019 - European Communities (Acquisition and Possession Of Weapons And Ammunition) (Amendment) Regulations 2019

Directive transposed into Irish law. ( extra Irish conditions attached..)

Quote: ... e/en/print

Irish Guidelines @ ... clnk&gl=ie

“Storage of ammunition for relevant firearm

4B. Subject to Regulation 4D, a holder or an excepted person shall, when the relevant firearm is not in use, ensure that all ammunition for the relevant firearm in his or her possession is stored -

(a) in a receptacle that is locked, and

(b) separately from any firearm in which the ammunition is capable of being used.

Transport of relevant firearm or ammunition for relevant firearm

4C. Subject to Regulation 4D, a holder or an excepted person shall, when transporting the relevant firearm or ammunition for the relevant firearm in a vehicle, ensure that -

(a) the relevant firearm is-

(i) concealed from view, and

(ii) stored separately from the ammunition, and

(b) the ammunition is stored in a receptacle that is locked.

Restriction on acquisition of loading device

4E. It shall not be lawful for any person to acquire -

(a) a loading device for a centre-fire semi-automatic short firearm which can hold more than 20 rounds, or

(b) a loading device for a centre-fire semi-automatic long firearm which can hold more than 10 rounds.”.

Amendment of Regulation 7 of Principal Regulations

7. Regulation 7 of the Principal Regulations is amended in paragraph (3) by the substitution of -

(a) “C” for “C or D”, and

(b) “B or C” for “B, C or D”.

Amendment of Regulation 13 of Principal Regulations

8. Regulation 13 of the Principal Regulations is amended in paragraph (1) by -

(a) the substitution of “Regulation 3A, 3AB, 3AC, 3B , 4A, 4B, 4C or 4E” for “Regulation 3A or 3B”, and

(b) the insertion of “of the European Communities (Acquisition and Possession of Weapons and Ammunition) (Amendment) Regulations 2010 ( S.I. No. 493 of 2010 )” after “Regulation 4(4)”.

A person who fails to comply with the above requirements on marking, storage and large capacity magazines is guilty of an offence and is liable:
 On summary conviction to a fine not exceeding €5,000 or imprisonment for up to 12 months or both;

 On conviction on indictment to a fine not exceeding €50,000 or imprisonment for up to 3 years or both.

In Ireland, interpretation of an EU directive, tend to err on the side of caution, where other EU states may say NO, Ireland steams ahead often willing to exceed the minimum requirement, particularly in relation to licensed firearms. Examples are many such as the double Irish duty on cars (VRT) vehicle registration tax to pay when you first register a motor vehicle in Ireland, implemented by the 1992 finance act (supposedly at the time, an EU derogation granted to Ireland to last no more than twenty years! ) turned into an never ending loophole, which continues to this day, circumventing an EU prohibition on customs duty, negating the benefits of having joined as a member of the EU.

The perfect defect in Irish firearms law was introduction in 2009 with the term restricted in what can amount to a ban on certain types of firearms and ammunition. Take an ordinary historical bolt-action K98 7.92/8mm Mauser along with black powder era calibres, over the mythical barrier of 'anything over .308" / 7.62 mm = restricted (dreampt-up and put to print on the back of the beer mat....) for something that was never needed, turning standard license firearms into weapons of mass destruction. Applications and renewals for old historical firearms, clearly defined under EU [C] category, firearms and ammunition, over night post 2009, received an upgraded into the centerfire handgun and looks military assault rifle EU category [B/A] club, meaning, the licensee has to impress a Chief Superintendent, why they want to license, what is in reality, an EU Cat [C], non-restricted firearm and ammunition. The licensee must then be told by a Chief Superintendent to consider licensing a non-restricted 'firearms that might be of greater danger' instead of the Chief Superintendent approving the so called restricted one...only in Ireland.

Members of the FCP were advised prior to the launch of 2009 S.I (an update and streamlining of the firearm laws in Ireland) that the restricted list was bound to lead to anomalies, amounting to a more or less ban on everything and anything restricted. RFDs, known sporting representatives, and persons with good connections, already licensed for restricted firearm, have had their three year license renewed since 2009, where on the other hand, an ordinary Joe intending to license or renew an historical firearm, typically the Mauser K98 in its original calibre, were left high and dry, waiting years for an appointment with a Chief Superintendent. RFDs lost customers, some gave up on the process and went on to license something 'non-restricted' a firearms of equal or of greater danger.....

The occasional senior sport shooting representatives were advised on the list of anomalies and why they should advise the FCP & DoJ on the small matter to eventually go and have the offending S.I amended and a list of firearms and ammunition returned to EU [C] category, similar as to what was done for non-restricted Olympic 5 shot pistols....

12 Oct 2019 12:14

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Post Re:Acquisition and Possession Of Weapons And Ammunition 2019
EU gobbeldy gook gun control seen to be doing something because of the islamic terrorist attacks in europe :mrgreen:

12 Oct 2019 19:00
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Post Re: Acquisition and Possession Of Weapons And Ammunition 201
nice one,gobbeldy gook carbon tax, vrt on the acquisition pickup truck carryin the eu ammo cans and cabinets :shock: ... s_sp_1_vtp ... olive.html ... inet-p1501 ... -safe.html

12 Oct 2019 21:08

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Post Re: Acquisition and Possession Of Weapons And Ammunition 201
When I go shooting in Oregon, I pick up half a dozen guns, as much ammunition as I can usefully carry in a couple of large range bags, and then go shooting.

Our range. if you could call it that, is a clearing up on a hillside at around 4500 feet elevation, overlooking a valley, and backed up by a 3000 foot high butte as a backstop a couple of miles away. There is, of course, nothing between us and it except wooded landscape and maybe bears and cougars - deer, certainly.

Everything we can see around us for about four miles, including the valley and the butte, belongs to the guy who lets us use his clearing, and we are the only key-holders for the lock-gate that gives access to the trail for a couple of miles up the hillside, and yes, you really DO need that 4WD pickup truck - ours is a Dodge Ram V10.

Different world, folks.

14 Oct 2019 12:53
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