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Zeroing on a rifle range or suitable land? 
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Post Zeroing on a rifle range or suitable land?
The same law goes for pellet guns.It does seem fair you know all those things before ever going out hunting
You should zero your rifle and sights (check their correct alignment) before starting any hunt ... -practice/
If you want to practise on your own premises you must have an effective backstop. This may be an adequate soft soil bank, without stones, or a brick wall on which an old piece of carpet can be hung to prevent ricochets. Do not use chipboard, plywood or any thick composite material with a polished surface, as there is a risk of ricochet.
Remember that you can be prosecuted if any pellet goes beyond your land, whether it is directly fired or an accidental ricochet.

03 Feb 2018 18:02
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Post Zeroing on a rifle range or suitable land?
A distinct lack of understanding of the countryside – NARGC (2017)

The Law of unintended consequences, i.e. The unintended effects of government policies attempting to fix things that are not broken.

Michael McDowell when minister for justice introduced what in legal terms was best described as another grey area inserted into the firearms act, or did he, alter anything other than clarify the default position?

The act of sighting and practicing with a rifle (zeroing) when not carried-out on an authorised range (few) may be illegal or open to wide interpretation by local Gardaí.
The then Justice Minister was reported to have said after the act became law, that his intention was 'never to ban zeroing or sighting-in of a rifle' when hunting.

Nowhere does the act state in 'clear language' what the law exactly meant with regard to the minister's clarification. The range regulations simply refere to 'zeoring' a rifle on the grounds of target ranges, with the presumption taken, that zeoring must therefore mean – shall - only take place when target shooting. It should be remembered the minister was also a trained barrister and his clarification taken at face value, might simply indicate, those regulations applied only to target shooting ranges. Logic suggests it was never necessarily for the minister to state the law was changed to effectively ban zeroing when hunting with a rifle, simply because there was no spefice reference in the new act with regard to zeroing when hunting – when it is expected the rifle hunter, must zero before hunting!

Given then that the actual intention of the minister and DoJ responsible for introducing the change was 'never to ban zeroing or sighting-in and by extention, practice from time to time, for example, after fitting a new rifle scope, the Minister for Justice and his DoJ expressed opinion, on the matter, should of seen a clarification drafted into the 2009, 'Garda Commissioner's Guidelines'.?

Seeing that no correction was contained within the 2009 Commissioner's Guidelines and that the principle hunting organisations, did not jump up and down complaining, apperently said little or anything, related to contradict the former minister for justice and his view on the matter - perhaps all along, the answer to the matter was a simply one. Carry-on, nothing to see here, because noting in law changed to define the situation, while zeroring a rifle when hunting or attached as new conditions at the back of a firearm license, subject to applying and renewing for a hunting rifle firearm license.

Where public safety is always of prime importance when discharging licensed fireams - it follows the hunter takes-on the responsibility to ensure the rifle is always properly sighted-in...

Zeroing – target range regulations 'only'

Single reference

Garda Commissioner's Guidelines are intended to set out in practical terms, for the benefit of members of the Garda Síochána and the public alike


‘Zeroing’ with non-expanding ammunition may be permitted in Ireland providing a suitable range is available. Some rifles intended for antelope and other plains game may also be suitable for deer, boar or other quarry shooting in this country. Calibres such as the .375 (9.5mm) are at the lower end of those suitable for shooting “dangerous game”. Where a shooter experiences difficulties in obtaining “dangerous game” cartridges in the country where that game is to be hunted, arrangements can be made for a dealer to export an appropriate quantity which can be collected by the shooter at the point of embarkation..

05 Feb 2018 14:13

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Post Re: Zeroing on a rifle range or suitable land?
somewhere along the way the someone lumped ranges with hunting, i could see bugger all on zeoring if the landowner gave permission ... e/en/print
(2) A person may fire a high muzzle energy rifle at a range for the purpose of zeroing that rifle in accordance with this Regulation.

(3) For the purpose of zeroing a high muzzle energy rifle, a person shall—

(a) inform a supervising officer of the—

(i) firing distance from which he or she proposes to fire the rifle when it has been zeroed (“proposed firing distance”), and

(ii) the surface area of the forward face of the target at which he or she proposes to fire the rifle (“proposed target surface area”) when it has been zeroed,


(b) under the supervision of the supervising officer, with that rifle, fire a minimum of three shots—

(i) from a firing distance of 25 metres, and

(ii) at a target (“zeroing target”) of a height of 420 millimetres and of a width of 297 millimetres.

(4) Where a person has completed the firing referred to in paragraph (3)(b)—

(a) he or she and the supervising officer shall each sign the zeroing target concerned, and

(b) the supervising officer shall examine the zeroing target for the purpose of determining the mean point of impact of the shots on that target.

(5) The supervising officer shall certify that the person has zeroed his or her rifle where, and only where, on the basis of the examination referred to in paragraph (4)(b), the person has demonstrated to the satisfaction of the supervising officer that—

(a) the sights of the rifle are correctly set, and

06 Feb 2018 14:34
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